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Fuzzy's Fries

Price: £4.55

  • Available in 4 flavours (4.55)

Soft, chewy, 100% edible chew toy sticks that have the texture of foam rubber and the shape of French Fries. Very Popular with ferrets of all ages. They are Sugar Free and come in packages of 6 Fries. Always monitor your ferret when they are enjoying "Fuzzys' Foamy Fries". During their initial introduction to the toys, ferrets learn to nibble off small pieces from a full length fry that they can hold in their paws. DO NOT cut the fries into shorter lengths as the ferret may be tempted to swallow the whole thing to keep it from being stolen. Like CHEWEASEL, these dissolve in the stomach and cannot cause an obstruction.

If your ferret is already enjoying Fuzzy Foamy Fries why not try Cheweaswels or Natural Ferret Chicken Chooks!.


  • 6 per pack.
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