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Katie Picture of Katie

I was found in the wild by the RSPCA. I was very tiny so they named me Katie after a model called Kate Moss. Very fitting as I then went on to become the inspiration, muse and super model for Ferret Couture! I knew it was destiny!

It wasn't long before I met my new family and they took me home with them. I was so excited I danced the weasel dance of joy all around my new home. I love life and am constantly dancing. I am incredibly affectionate and I love humans sooo much, I am particularly attatched to my mum.

I am proud to admit that I am a complete and utter princess. I demand a lot of attention and when I am not walking in my diamante harness I like to be carried everywhere. I hate to be left out of anything. It was me that designed the ferret carry bag, now I can lay in complete comfort, keeping check on everything and being close to my mum while she works. Spoilt? me? Never!

My ferret likes: Anything camo print or diamante. Cuddling with my family. Having my ears cleaned and tickled, Baths, Stashing socks and generally anything I know i'm not supposed to have. Dancing in the bath with the tap running. Digging in the garden. Beating up my brother Teddy. Putting our dog in his place. Posing for the camera.

My ferret dislikes : Having anything taken from me once I have decided it's mine, i mean what do they do with all these socks anyway! Having my toenails cut!

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