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reggie Picture of reggie

Me and my brother Ronnie were rescued by the RSPCA, they understood that we were very wary of humans and that all that really mattered to us was sticking together. I have always looked out for Ronnie, well someone had to!

I started out as Weasley but our new family thought I wasn't all that Weasley and I actually looked more like a little Polar Bear. In the end we all agreed that Reggie was a good name for me as I am a bit of a hardman and my brother Ronnie and I are thick as thieves! I have always been a really big ferret especially compared to Ronnie - food was pretty scarce at the start of our lives, so being the top ferret I always had the lions share as I had to stay fit and strong to protect my brother.

Since moving in with our new family things have been pretty good although I have always been the boss man so it was a bit of a shock to suddenly be kicked in to shape by our new sister Katie, I thought i'd soon put her in her place and show her who is boss but it didn't exactly work out as planned so we agreed on joint control, although that is a secret that we don't let out! Food is never an issue here so when the treats are out I am now always last in the que - My family say I am a chilled out gentle giant. well why rush it's not as if we will ever run out now! and I much prefer to have my treats brought to me in bed and avoid queing with the rest of the rabble.

Yes I think it is safe to say that life is pretty good, at last there is someone else to look out for Ronnie and not all the repsponsibility is on me which is great as it give me loads more time to play, I completely loose control, crashing in to everything, flying off the back of the sofa, my favourite thing is playing with my mum, especially now that i've learnt ferret skin is much tougher than human skin (and humans are quite wimpy) so now I can play fight with my mum and not hurt her. it is pretty exhausting though so when I have finished dancing and tearing about I need a nice soft human to crash out on!

Picture of teddy
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