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ronnie Picture of ronnie

When we first came to live with our family I was a super skinny ferret, now I am growing bigger everyday! I am actually the first ferret that my humans have ever seen with double chins! What they don't realize is that I am just growing in to all my extra skin, soon I will be bigger than Reggie and will finally take control of the house!

I am a total mummys boy, and really love the girls, I was very wary of men when I first came to live with our family but I am actually beginning to quite like them now. Once I realized that humans actually love us and can be trusted completely, even when we are naughty. It did take us a while to work it out though, we gave our family some serious stick and worked together as a team, so when one of us was being told off the other would come up and teach the human a lesson. but our humans never seemed to retaliate and just said "No" We soon discovered that it is actually much better being super soppy cuddly ferrets as we get much more attention that way.

My favourite thing is going out for walks and I love journeys in the car. The more attention I get the happier I am. When we get back from our walks I go crazy dancing all around the house and race up and down the stairs at super speed. I have even come to enjoy bath time as I love the feeling of being clean and tearing around the house getting dry afterwards.

I love my brother Reggie more than anything and we are always found cuddled up together, although I also love climbing in Katies sleepsack and snuggling up next to her If she lets me, she usually kicks me out, she is very bossy and spoilt! but I do love her.

Picture of teddy
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