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teddy Picture of teddy

Like my sister Katie I was also a guest at the RSPCA the girls there were very good to me but I'd had a few homes before that.

When my now family brought me home with them, I was very unsure about humans, to be honest I didn't like to be near them or even see them. It's not because I didn't like them but I couldn't trust them. Us ferrets don't actually have a mean or viscious bone in us we are incredibly affectionate and we find humans make the best playmates ever! But I'd had some bad experiences in the past so I decided that this lot had to be tested to the limit and only then if they passed all my tests would I decide to stay with them!

Well no matter how grumpy I was and what I did they never seemed to get angry, sure there was a few shrieks and crys as I decided to show them who was boss but they just kind of put up with it! After a while I got bored of testing them. Playing soppy with this lot got me so much more attention and I decided that cuddling and having my paws massaged was great! These human hands were no good for biting all they do is stroke you, give you treats and cuddle you!

Playing with my sister is a much better way to take out all my playful energy, although she is the boss and always beats me up I love her so much, we go everywhere together, she occasionally kicks me out of bed cos I hog the sleepsack but in this house the humans are so under the thumb I have so much bedding to choose from anyway so who cares!

My ferret likes: Going out on walks, Digging anything! My collection of ferret hoodies and three suits! Having a cuddle and a paw massage. Playing with my humans, I get so carried away when I dance that I start bouncing and can reach knee height!

My ferret dislikes: Water, Baths and loud noises!

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