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Nail Trimming ferrets step 1

How Often?

Unless your ferret has ventured into something sticky or really dirty then a bath once a month is plenty. Some people bathe their ferrets once a month and some once a year which is also totally fine, it is really down to personal preference. It is not advisable to bathe your ferret more than once a month as over washing can strip the fur and skin of natural oils.  Remember to keep your ferret’s environment and bedding clean as this is the most effective way of keeping those ferret odours to a minimum.

Bathing Benefits

Besides the obvious benefits to your ferret feeling, looking and smelling good, bathing and grooming your ferret provides her with stimulation and is also a great way to bond with her, especially with the addition of treats or toys.

What do I Use?

There is an excellent range of ferret shampoos available that have been specially formulated for our fuzzy friends, however a mild and gentle baby shampoo will also be suitable.

How To

Step One: Have your ferret’s favourite shampoo and grooming products to hand. Fill your bath or sink with warm water, you can either shallow fill so there is enough to cover your ferrets feet and legs while you wash her or fill a little deeper than the height of your ferret so that she can swim about. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for your ferret, slightly warmer than luke warm is great as ferrets have fairly high body temperatures and prefer their baths warmer than you would imagine. The easiest way to get it right is to test it with your foot or hand it should feel comfortably warm but not hot.

Step Two: Gently place your ferret in the bath and wet the fur, let your ferret have some free reign to swim about if she shows an interest in this, but always be ready and waiting to scoop her up, ferrets are skilled swimmers but tire quickly. Never leave your ferret unattended in water.

Washing ferrets step 1

Step Three: Now get ready to shampoo. If your ferret struggles, hold her securely under her chest so she feels secure and safe. While still supporting your ferret under her chest, lift her out of the water and apply a small amount of ferret shampoo (a dollop about the size of a 10p piece is sufficient), lather all over from the back of the neck, behind the ears, down and around the tail, (to help relax your ferret try a ferret massage! see bath time pampering tips below) place your ferret back in the water to help disperse the shampoo.

Washing ferrets step 1

Step Four: Rinse your ferret with warm, clear, running water. You can do this with a shower attachment, a plastic jug or under a running tap. Make sure you rinse your ferret thoroughly as soapy residue can irritate your ferret’s sensitive skin, pay attention to under the arms, behind the ears, neck and around the tail and back legs.

Washing ferrets step 1

Step Five: Once all traces of shampoo have been removed lift your fuzzy out from the bath. Hold a warm towel up to your chest and wrap firmly around your ferret, almost cocooning her but leaving a space for her head, this will give you time to remove the excess water. Whilst your ferret is cocooned in the towel, use the end of the towel to gently rub the head and ears dry. Another drying idea is to fill a high sided box with towels and let your ferret roll around and dry herself off inside the box.

Washing ferrets step 1

Step Six: Set your fuzzy free, stand back and watch the mayhem as your ferret does the rest of the drying work herself. Ferret's loose all sense of reason when they are wet. Dancing, chuckling, careering into furniture, walls, and generally anything that happens to be in their path (be sure to close the cage and move all litter trays in the house to prevent your ferret from running through them)

Bath Time Pampering Tips:

Rubber Duck Before bathing, warm your ferrets shampoo by placing the bottle in a sink or jug of warm/hot water. After all who likes the feeling of cold shampoo running through their fur?!
Rubber Duck Before bathing your ferret give the towel a blast in the dryer or leave it hanging on a heated towel rail to warm up. Ferret's love nothing more than a warm snugly towel to dry off in after their bath and this little luxury will be much appreciated. You will be forgiven in no time at all!
Rubber Duck Massage! Yes even ferret's enjoy a full body massage.  A good tip whilst shampooing is to gently massage up and down the spine, around the neck and top of the head, don’t forget those ferret feet! Massaging will help to relax your ferret and is very good for their general wellbeing.
Rubber Duck A normal bath time routine can be turned into a ferret spa day, with a nail trim, ear clean and teeth clean followed by a bath and shampoo massage.
Rubber Duck Why not try our aromatherapy ferret shampoo?! with pure essential oil of amber, deodorising and extra mild for sensitive skin with a pH balanced tearless formula.
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