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Ferret Ear Cleaning - Ferrets step 1

How Often?

Ferrets tend to produce ear wax rapidly, regular cleaning (ideally every 3 - 4 weeks) will help prevent problems and infections.

How To

Step One: Put a few drops of ferret ear cleaner into the ear. Apply liberally to the ear canal and massage gently to aid the cleaning process.

Ear Cleaning Ferrets step 1

Step Two: Allow your ferret to shake her head if she wishes then wipe any excess cleaner and dislodged wax from the accessible area with an old towel, tissue or cotton wool. Apply once or twice weekly for good ear health.

For extra dirty ears use a cotton bud that has been dampened with the ferret ear cleaner and wipe around the external part of the ear, be careful not to push the cotton bud inside the ear canal.

If you have a squirmy ferret it will be easier if there are two of you, one to hold your ferret and feed the FerreTonic or Vitaferret treat while the other cleans the ears.

Ear Cleaning ferrets step 2

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