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Nail Trimming ferrets step 1

How Often?

Ferrets have non-retractable toenails that need to be trimmed at regular intervals (ideally every 2weeks). It is best to cut your ferrets toenails with suitable nail trimmers, these look like nail scissors but have a small notch in the blade:

How To

Step One: You may find that gently stroking around your ferrets face and whiskers is a good way to begin (this is how mum ferret grooms her kits) and this loving attention will help to relax your ferret.

Nail Trimming ferrets step 2

Step Two: It is easier of there are two of you present when nail trimming, one can hold your ferret and dispense the treat while the other cuts the nails. This way the nail trimming is usually over before your ferret has finished licking the final drops of FerreTonic from her whiskers and even noticed that nail trimming has begun!

If you are nail trimming alone then simply lay a towel across your lap and place your ferret on her back. Distraction in the form of treats is the key here.

Apply some FerreTonic or VitaFerret to your ferrets belly or feed direct from the bottle then as your ferret is engrossed in this treat you can get to work on cutting the nails.

Nail Trimming ferrets step 3

You need to cut only the sharp tip of the nail, avoiding the quick (the pink part inside the nail where the blood vessel is located)

See diagram below:

Nail Trimming ferrets step 4

The aim is to cut the nail at approx 45 degrees so that the flat tip of the nail is parallel to the floor when the ferret is walking, always leave around half a centimetre of nail past the quick.

If you cut the quick your ferrets nail will bleed, if this happens you will need to quickly apply styptic powder or flour to stop the bleeding.

If you are atall unsure it is best to ask your veterinarian to demonstrate how to clip your ferrets nails before attempting it on your own.

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