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Measuring Your Ferret If you require custom-fit items please email us at info@ferretcouture.com our ferret tailor will be happy to help you. email us Measuring Your Ferret Diagram

A: NECK // Measure all the way around the base of your ferrets neck.

B: CHEST // Measure all the way around the widest part of your ferrets chest, generally around the middle.

C: LENGTH // Measure from the base of your ferrets neck, between the shoulder blades to the base of his or her tail. Make sure you measure to where the tail meets the bottom not to the tip of the tail. Length can vary with each ferret but clothing should generally sit just above your ferrets hind legs.

Size A (Neck) B (Chest) C (Length)
S 8.5 - 12cm 14 - 18cm 15cm
M 12 - 18cm 19 - 23cm 16cm
L 18 - 21cm 24 - 28cm 17cm
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